Comodo Sandbox - Manual


I am running firefox inside Comodo Sandbox (Limites restriction, Comodo Security Policy → Always Sandbox).

I could able to browse and download the file without any problem. the only issue is that i cannot see the downloads which i saved to my hdd. I’ve tried looking at c:\sandbox path, but of no use. :frowning:

Note: I do have sandboxie installed in my machine, which created c:\Sandbox folder.


Have you tries in VritualRoot on C:?
And why did you force firefox to always sandbox? ???

I haven’t seen anything like c:?

I just wanted to see how efficient it is. I think it needs much improvement. Anyways, i am no more running firefox in comodo’ sandbox.

Found an another issue with automatic sandbox. Spyshelter leaktest doesn’t get sandboxed. It didn’t even added to trusted files group. could anyone reproduce?

Filed a bug report for this -

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C: is your main drive where Windows is installed by default. My Computer, C: drive :wink:

It’s a hidden file, so you’ll need to change your folder view options to show hidden files/folders.

thanks GakunGak and HeffeD for the information. I will play manual sandbox later on today.
The other problem with manual sandbox is that…sandboxed process window does not reset its counter when firefox is closed. Moreover when i open firefox again the counter shows as 2 process is running. but in reality only one process is running.

b/W anything about spyshelter issue?

Hi harsha_mic,

If you are going to play with the MS, could you give it a try in the apple trailers, because none of my browsers works there when virtualized (FF 4, Opera and CD). Can you test it with FF, that is my main Browser.
What is weird is that it works with other sites that uses QuickTime.
I have no video (sound and image), in partially limited.


That happens to me in Windows live messenger.
MS needs a lot of improvements and i hope V. 6 will bring that.
Virtualization is a very important step in a security setup.