Comodo Sandbox is directly interfering with Sandboxie

Please consider this short discussion in Sandboxie’s forum:

My goal was to execute the Winamp installer within a Sandboxie sandbox. The installer aborts immediately with the meantioned error message (see hyperlink). We found out that this is caused by Comodo’s auto-sandboxing. Comodo sandboxes the installer even if it’s already sandboxed by another application (Sandboxie).

How can I avoid this conflict?



Turn off auto sandbox in Comodo perhaps?

Just like multiple AVs, multiple sandboxes can conflict. Turn one off.

Is there another solution? Comodo Auto-Sandbox makes sense for cases where I don’t execute a PE file with Sandboxie. It provides some kind of security.

Always turning off, manually, is annoying.

Not sure how sandboxie works, is it possible to put all files you want to sandbox with sandboxie in one folder? In that case you can set up auto-sandbox in CIS to ignore that folder.