Comodo Safesurf installation Q&A

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If you found out a toolbar unistaller entry IMHO this should mean that during installation you agreed to install Comodo Safesurf toolbar.
That is the whole point. My agreement first time was expressed by unticking (saying NO). In all subsequent clean reinstalls, where I wanted say Yes the shown screen was missing. There is a support ticket #CVP-966061 since 25 May. Full text of this ticket is available by request despite it will not provide any additional info compare to what was said many times regarding the matter. There are posts like [url=] here [/url] #20; #23 (subsequent link with initial request was merged/moved?); #27 & ….so on… It was reported by others, e.g by Shadow Star #19 [url=;msg166029#msg166029]“SafeSurf absence from the installer”[/url]

I hope that this time there is no confusion about what shouldn’t have happened.

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Re: “…good faith”… I believe you are doing great job here, so we may try to stay cool.
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I tried to put reference to my initial post but that one was removed. That is why I found one of other posts regarding the issue where I repeated the scenario and quoted it below
1) I am referring to this image

2) In order to reduce numbers of links to jump I’m quoting one of my posts adding just references to the above picture

[quote=SiberLynx]The clean reinstall of 23.364 went well and I got the SafeSurf offer screen, but I
unchecked Make Comodo my default search provider (checkbox #2) and
unchecked Make Comodo Search my home page (checkbox #3).
The SafeSurf application was installed. I had SafeSurf subFolder and Icon in SysTray.
…the app. wasn’t set as Start with Windows so if I needed I could start it manually …and sure there were no Toolbar.
Then I uninstall CFP 23.364 in order reinstall fresh again and get the Toolbar but
Comodo does not display the screen with SafeSurf offer anymore (tried 3 fresh reinstalls)
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According to the CFP installation dialog the additional product undergoing user approval is Comodo Safesurf Toolbar described as a Search toolbar with BO protection.

This is actually achieved using two components:

  • Comodo Safesurf Toolbar (Rebranded Ask toolbar using Comodo Search( infrastructure) with access to Safesurf BO protection Configuration panel)
  • Safesurf BO protection engine (Featuring a BO protection engine that protects all applications)

The options presented in that dialog are
Install Comodo Safesurf, I agree to the above terms: Install Comodo Safesurf Toolbar (aka Comodo Search toolbar) including Safesurf BO protection engine by agreeing to Safesurf Toolbar EULA
Make Comodo my default search provider: Configure Comodo Search as Default Internet Explorer Search provider
Make Comodo Search my home page : Configure Comodo Search as Internet Explorer Homepage

By ticking Install Comodo Safesurf, I agree to the above terms there are two different uninstallers after reboot:

Ask toolbar: Uninstall only the Rebranded Toolbar component
Comodo Safesurf: Uninstall only Safesurf BO protection engine

If Safesurf BO protection engine is already installed (regardless the Comodo Search Toolbar is installed or not) the CFP installer will not show the above dialog.

If an user uninstalled only the Rebranded Toolbar component and wish to install it again Comodo Safesurf uninstaller should be launched as well before uninstalling CFP again.
After a reboot CFP installer will show Safesurf Toolbar installation dialog again.

The alternate Comodo SafeSurf Toolbar Beta Provides both Search aids and BO protection to browsers however as far I can tell it will protect only the browser in wich it can be installed.

This is because it does not feature a systemwide BO protection component as the one bundled with CFP 3.0.25

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