Comodo SafeSurf Bar

It needs to be removed. No optional software should be bundled with the firewall. It makes comodo firewall adware for bundling software in it that it doesnt need to function. The toolbar should be an optional seperate download like BoClean is, and it shouldnt be an toolbar used with comodo’s name.

This is not about user safety its about comodo making money otherwise they would bundle boclean in the firewall over the toolbar and they sure wouldnt use the toolbar as their toolbar unless it was purely to make money hoping people blindly install the toolbar. comodo tried this before with their other toolbar and seems like they refuse to keep their products free from optional software.

Please refer to the sticky note under Important topics.

Hi ViciouslyCold,

Vettetech made a proper referring.

COMODO SafeSurf is partly about security. And it’s easy to chose not to install it while installing CFP.


i got prompt with suggestions and i opted out of installing it perhaps you overlooked it. and i hardly call a security tool adware.

Tell Wikipedia Comodo Is not Adware! (CNY)

Comodo does not present any Advertisements.
Comodo does not install any Adware on your computer.
So even according to Wikipedia’s own definition, we are not Adware.

Nothing Comodo makes is adware, including the toolbar. It is presented during the firewall download, but the toolbar functions on its own to make the Internet safer and easier for you. It is not a part of Comodo Firewall, and most of all COMODO FIREWALL IS NOT ADWARE.

Comodo needs to be removed from the list on Wikipedia Adware - Wikipedia where Comodo Firewall is included amongst the likes of porn Adware.

The more interest paid to our firewall, the better we will be making it. If you appreciate your Comodo Firewall, then please tell the world that it is NOT ADWARE by going to Wikipedia and stopping the lies. Adware - Wikipedia.

Thank you for using your voice and helping tell the truth about Comodo.

You need to read my sticky that Vettetech posted.

a new Beta off our OWN Toolbar is in beta right now… shortly will support firefox & opera… So no more false positives from AV’s, etc.

It is all about security this one.