Comodo running with Avast - any conflicts?

I would like to test out Comodo Firewall protection on my Windows/XP SP2 machine. Up to now I have not bothered with a firewall, because I am running on a home network behind an SMC router/firewall with NAT and SPI protection, but lately I have been thinking that I ought to check outgoing traffic as well just in case. However, I have a few questions before I install it since this kind of software always makes me a bit nervous :-\

  • I’m currently running Avast antivirus (version 4.8) and this has so far worked perfectly well for me, occasionally catching viruses brought in on other people’s USB keys. Can I install Comodo firewall with Avast happily or is the one likely to interfere with the other?
  • Can I ensure that I get my system back if something goes wrong by creating a backup safepoint before starting?
  • Does Comodo firewall come with an antivirus of its own and if so can I disable it on installation?
  • Have you heard that the German and French governments are trying to get a law passed so that they can install Trojan horses legally on people’s computers? What do you think of this?

Many thanks for your help and advice

Avast and Comod run great together. Comodo doesnt have a built in av. Read about it here. And I live in the US so I do not know about Germany or France.Why dont you just Google it and see what you come up with.

  1. I use both and can tell you that I’ve experienced no conflicts.
  2. I dunno.
  3. It has a built in scanner, but it’s only for on demand, so you never have to touch it. It hardly takes up space besides.
  4. They can try. It’ll be a test for the security softwares.

If you want to back up just make a System Restore point before doing anything which is what you always should do before making any changes to your pc.

Hi martink,
I am running XP SP2++ w/Avast Home and just recently intalled Comodo Firewall v3 a couple of weeks ago and as far as I can tell these all run fine together (no apparent confilicts or issues.)
This setup seems good overall.

runs good here i use avast and comodo firewall all is well.

Avast! & CFP 3 are probably the most common combination’s.

Running here a lot of time yet, and no problems.

Wife’s computer—avast plus comodo 3---------no problems or conflicts.

My computer-------Antivirus plus comodo3------no problems or conflicts.

And you can read this forum and all back posts, and I don’t recall a single post about comodo3 conflicting with either avast or avira antivirus.

There was a problem about 12 versions again (v3) that Avast! did conflict with Comodo, But not anymore. Old news, Avast! works great. :wink: