Comodo Running But

For the last two days when I start up my pc I see the comodo icon has a red line going thru it, like
it is Disabled, but when I open it up it states it is up and running with No problems, What could be
causing this and how to stop it from happening? Thanks

Its still doing it, anyone know how to stop this from happenig, someone must know something, how about it Moderators?

This seems to be normal

i see tht often too
but the firewall is still running and working
alerts still popup
i think it has maybe something to do with the icon cache or with random magic
to fix that you must restart
or just ignore it, as long comodo says that all systems are running correcty

Have you tried running the diagnostics in the miscellaneous tab?

Heffed, >>Have you tried running the diagnostics in the miscellaneous tab?

Yes, it stated no problem

JMC: Your right it is still running even when he shows it disabled, but I worry someday it might not be running when you see it disabled, thats the problem?

I have encountered this problem after certain startups, usually after I clean my system in some manner. I can exit the program, restart, and it solves itself. I don’t encounter the problem until the next “cleaning”. The red marker just disappears. It sounds WAY too simple but it works for me, it may not for you but it’s worth a try. :slight_smile:

Yes, your right, I do that myself, but mine seems to be random, Like I mentioned, you have to keep checking to see if its running or not and thats a kinda annoying! Thanks

When you see the red sign, is cmdagent.exe running?

quote: When you see the red sign, is cmdagent.exe running?

Where would I see that in Taskmanger?

Ok, The Red line is going thru comodo now and its running, and I checked the “CmdAgent” and it is NOT running?

sounds like you need a clean install, you have two options, one is to run revo uninstaller set to moderate and uninstall that way, letting revo clean out the left over registry keys and files then restarting and reinstalling. Or you can uninstall, and run the clean up script located on the forum here.

Thanks, But this is a fresh install, I just reformated the whole computer, then put a new copy of comodo on it!! Besides I believe I have done that in the past and it did not make a difference the Circle with the line thru it came back after a while!