Comodo running a virus-scan that I cannot see?

This morning I booted my computer to be able to transfer some files to my USB drive that I needed to take with me.
Once they were copied, I tried to disconnect the USB Drive via the “Safely Remove Hardware” freature. It said the disk could not be stopped as it was in use by a program.
Being sure that I had stopped all programs, I noticed that my HD’s in my PC were spinning like crazy, almost like they were searching.
Via the “Resource Monitor” (I’m using Vista) I found out that cmdagent.exe was accessing a whole bunch of files on my USB drive → Hence making it unable for me to disconnect it.
When I opened Comodo, it said nowhere that it was running a scan, and thus I was also unable to stop the scan in progress (at least: I think it was a scan).

There are 2 questions that I have:

  1. Why didn’t Comodo show that it was scanning my drives?
  2. Why wasn’t I able to stop the scan in progress?

Apart from this, I really like the suite. The memory usage is awesomely small and it doesn’t interfere with my normal work at all.

Thanks in advance for the help,


Hey Ben, This is strange as I’ve connected removeable drives with large content (over 2gb) and Never noticed any difference in performance. If possible, maybe try using a different USB to see if the same results happen?
Also, Could you please check what resources Comodo is using? in terms of CPU and Memory when this problem is occuring.

This is an external USB Drive of 320GB. It doesn’t happen every time I have it connected.
Although it seems like Comodo runs a full scan at startup.
Ie: it is scanning my C-Drive as I am writing this. Task manager shows 30 threads, mem usage at 12.548K for cmdagent.exe and 1.888K for cfp.exe
Resource monitor shows Comodo accessing files on the drive.
I think the “problem” lies in that my external drive shows as a “normal” harddisk.

A “Panic” button that stops all scans would be a good idea I think.

No I don’t think that it’s a on demand scan. Could you turn real time scanning off and then recconect?
You could add the drive to the exclusion list.

Post back and let me know how it goes :slight_smile: Kyle

It seems like Comodo runs a scan on start-up on all connected Hard Drives. The reason I think this is because every time I boot up my PC, my HD’s start spinning and doing stuff (and it’s not Windows Search, b/c I have disabled that) and the Resource Monitor shows Comodo accessing (reading) a bunch of files).
Since the PC recognizes the USB drive as a HD, I think it scans it as part of that scan as well.

Adding the drive to the exclusion list is not something I want to do, as I connect it to other PC’s, that are not mine, because it has all my tools on it.

Perhaps turning off “Scan memory on start-up” could be an idea.
Will have to try when I get home.

“Scanning memory on start-up” Scans your memory (RAM)

Sorry, I do not have the answers for you. Maybe a Develepor might comment on this.

Yeah, would seem the logical thing to me as well.
No worries and thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

I will try to do some more tests, if I can.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I have been looking into that as well. I think it was either readyboot or superfetch working at the same time. I assume CIS gets dragged by one of them.