comodo, router and svchost

i’ve just bought a netgear wgr914 and have it connected to my pc and xbox using cables rather than wirless function. My query is regarding svchost. Before the router i blocked svchost in but allowed it out as advised on the forum. Svchost now asks to connect by tcp from the ip of router (source) to pc ip (destination) using port 2869. Is it safe to allow this? Im blocking at min but getting so many requests im wondering if this is normal
Any help much appreciated

The port 2869 is part of the router UPnP auto-configuration. If you let it run, you’ll also see stuff to port 1900, and to an address in the 239.x.x.x range. It’s all UPnP stuff, which is very very chatty.

If you disable UPnP on your router, you should see all that traffic go away. As a security measure, you probably should disable UPnP on your router.

And definitely you should change the login password to your router to be something other than the factory default.

thanks for the reply, turning UPnP off solved the problem