Comodo Romania Office photo

It’s not much but hey… :slight_smile:

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Crikey :o it like one BIG happy Comodo family ;D

Ya It’s like one of the tallest buildings in Romania… Holds one of the 3 AV labs too!


Wait till Melih builds his command control center… that will be worth seeing inside and out! >:-D


The only command control center we need is a Comodo Whitelist ;D

Anyone have pictures of the New Jersey home office, being that I live in northeast pennsylvania I might take a 2 hour ride down to see them.

Josh, were you paying a visit to Comodo? Or just found the picture? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanna see Comodo office from other country too. :smiley:

Comodo headquarters of the future…


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In the meantime, somewhere in Romania City horse-riding

Lmao that is great!!!

When I visit the headquarters in New Jersey later this month I will take pictures for you. :-TU

ooooops, wrong quote that was for Petit