COMODO "risk free" link [SOLVED]

HI, i wonder how to download the COMODO risk free. If anyone of you guys out there can send a link would be good. :slight_smile: I know its not !ot! but dont know where else to put this question ;D

Comodo Risk Free? ??? What?

I have never heard of it…do you mean Comodo Time Machine, a backup-type-thing?

I think that he means ‘‘download CIS-risk free’’.:))
If yes, then:

We can basically assume “Comodo” is Comodo Internet Security since it’s the most popular product. Although it would be nice to have a more specific description of which product. (It’s like saying “How do I download the internet?” ;D). We can also assume that lyrkey is a “he”, considering the male to female ratio on this forum is 10.8:1 :frowning:

Edit: topic closed by me. (Arkangyal)