Comodo revolution keep the strenght

Thanks for your firewall your team is sended by to the earth for protect the computers of people’s world.
I have know comodo as 2 version and it’s was hard to configurate but those new version are splendid.
Example it’s easy for connection sharing it’s only need make rules of accepcting lan connections in and out from lan range and make same thing at system process and rules up to the blocked ruled and in the general rules.
i love the possibility of allow all connections out for a process or block all connection in/out.
I really like this firewall it’s very very gooooooooooooooood.
I hope your team keep this firewall light and fast in the next versions for who use windows xp and don’t have a computer with much power.
I use only the firewall without defense+ ect.
The good of this firewall is free only the support for novice user is not free.
And comodo it’s integrated in the kernel very very good and the software can’t spoof from comodo connections filters.
I have sniff the connection with a sniffer integrated in windows shell.
And comodo really work very very good.
I hope you don’t ruin your splendid software like others companies do.
Please make comodo lighter because is one of the much splendind things make comodo different from others firewall.
Others firewall make your pc like you run a videogame in background when you use other applications.

I’m torn about whether to move this to Feedback or Wishlist, but it’s definitely not a post for the Which Product do you want Comodo to develop next, forum.

I’ll go with Feedback. :slight_smile: