Comodo restored image without prompting. Need to figure out how

Odd occurance can not figure out what happened. Comodo Time Machine restored a workstation to 4.24.12 image. Lost 5 months of data.

While installing windows updates the computer froze. After waiting 20 minutes we performed a hard reboot. While powering up a message from Comodo showed up saying reindexing. When the O/S loaded it was as if it were 4/24/12. Everything after this date was gone.

Any ideas what could have caused this. Is there a setting I can change to keep this from happening in the future.

I think the wise will be uninstalling and wait for CTM 3.
Right now, the CTM 2.8 and 2.9 could show this (sad) episodes.

Well - a simple way of keeping version 2.8 from unwantedly returning to the installation date and at the same time preventing snapshot space from growing infinitely is to regularly reset the baseline. :wink: