COMODO restart my PC

Now i have another problem, sometimes when i clicl COMODO icon i try it show me not full window only fragments and restart PC. WHY? :frowning:

I buildl PC specialy for browsering network and i used old hardware, maybe this is problem?

This is my hardware specification:
Celeron 1.2
GeForce MX200

P.S Propably on this forum im only one who have old and still working PC from 2001 :smiley:

Could be related to hardware. Check your windows event viewer for any information.


My guess would be it’s hardware related also. Do some hardware tests?

Thenk you for help :slight_smile: Sorry about my english;)

First thing to do is to tell Windows when it crashes not to reboot but produce the dread Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

To do so: Right click on My Computer → Properties → Advanced → Start up and Recovery (at the bottom) → Settings → now untick “Automatically reboot…” → Ok.

Next time Windows crashes you will get the BSOD. From the BSOD we want to know when available:

  • The error name. Something like IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
  • The error code. Something like 0X0000008F
  • A file name

Hello, I did how you wrote. But when i click right on My Computer i see only this options on list:

Map Network Drive…
Disconnect Network Drive…
Show On Desctop

My system WinXP,SP2 Proffesional

Maybe is other pocibility or when i’ll install SP3 that option will be available on list?

P.S. With this hardware i can do beta test for C-O-M-O-D-O :smiley:

Do like EricJH says,

But click Properties after My Computer then Advanced. O0


Ok, done. Sorry if i dont understand on first time. Now when is something happend i write information about this error.

Thanks. I edited my earlier post.