Comodo respods really slowly

I am having this weird problem where the Comodo Firewall respods very slowly. For example if I try to disable it, it takes several minutes for the popup that ask for how long I want to disable it. I can disable the firewall faster if I go into settings and uncheck the Enable checkbox.

Anyway this slowness doesn’t just apply to disabling the firewall but also for other popups like when the firewall is asking what should it do when some program tries to do something or tries to connect to the internet and so on.

I have started my computer several times and I have gone through it with Comodo Cleaning Essentials without finding any harmful programs that might be bogging Comodo down, so this leads me to think that the problem is with the actual program.

This propblem has just appeared today and I have never had such problems before. Also I did a quick search on the forums and didn’t find any threads that would describe a problem like this.

Thank you for any help.

I have the same problem since updating to the latest version a few days ago.

I had to uninstall completely and reinstall just to get the new version to work. That caused Comodo to forget all my previous application rules, starting me fresh. Each time I open a new app, Comodo is supposed to immediately popup the alert asking for permission to connect to the internet, but sometimes it takes multiple minutes for the alert to popup. Then, several alerts popup all at once, as if they were stuck in a queue that suddenly released. This happens pretty much EVERY time. Sometimes, the alert will popup and I’ll hear the short popup sound, but then it will immediately disappear in less than 0.5 seconds before I can read anything.

I am happy to share my config export and diag zip file if requested by Comodo.

UPDATE: bug report created:;msg753268#msg753268

Experiencing all same problems. After upgrade, system initially hanging hard upon booting into desktop. Had to power cycle a few times before Comodo decided to “work” enough to let me use my computer.

“Work” meaning allowing some apps to start while attempting to run or install others resulting in long delays before the app starts, if at all. Popups requesting connection permission won’t come for minutes while the app fails out, then the popups come in a flood as if queued up. Same problems so many others experiencing.

What Comodo seems to fail to appreciate or at least fail to care about is that a firewall is akin to part of the OS. Inserting bloatware and employing sloppy coding and testing practices with their firewall software renders users’ entire computers inoperative.

Please try updating to the just released version 7.0.317799.4142 . It fixes the problem with delayed pop up etc.

Well after days of not using Comodo because of various problems I had with the new V7 last week and using Windows firewall instead, today I noticed the latest update and installed it earlier this evening.

So far it is MUCH better than the previous version, I disabled the silly widget, ( who the heck thought that one up ? ) and apart from Comodo having to relearn all my apps etc it seems to be working like I want.

System slowdown to the point of freezing upon bootup became so bad today that updating was impossible - Comodo would just hang. Generally after booting had a window of seconds as everything crawled to a halt.

Downloaded standalone Comodo installer on separate computer and used USB stick to rush in to install it immediately after booting. 7.0.317799.4142 seems to be running ok for the last few hours at least.

I have this too.