comodo rescue integrated with CCE

why don’t we make comodo rescue that can reverse or say repair changes made by malware, viruses such as disabling of task manager, disabling option to show hidden files, damage done to folder by making them hidden and read only, etc…

if these feature is added then CCE will be able to make infected PC clean plus make it what it was before being infected…

Integration of CCE and Comodo rescue to the CIS can also be great…

Melih said they are making a bootable disk for malware cleaning before CCE was even released. im sure they are working on it.
i havent heard about it in a while tho

Another vote for the rescue CD :slight_smile:

Some things are already there in Killswitch under Quick Repair. See image.

disabling option to show hidden files,
Are you referring to what already can be done under Folder Options or to the situation this functions could not be used?

damage done to folder by making them hidden and read only, etc......
A take ownership like function. I am not sure how one is to know what the previous settings were though. No criticism here, just trying to learn.

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i haven’t seen that option…thanks i just have the look in CCE…

May be next thing will be repairing system during boot time…

I agree. I would definitely like to see an anti malware and anti virus product on separate bootable media. As everyone knows much of the malware and viruses today get into the operating system very early in the boot process before any anti virus or anti malware program can start. These can very easily hide from anti malware or anti virus programs.

If you can boot from removable media the malware or virus never gets a chance to start. It has a much more difficult time hiding making it much easier to detect and remove.

I have been asked many times to repair computers from friends and family on computers that had expired or poorly configured anti virus or anti malware programs. A tool like this would certainly make life easier.

I would like to see something line this available as an iso that could be downloaded and burned to a CDROM. I would like to see this bootable media capible of dealing with both malware and viruses as both are a similar problem.

In addition, I would like to see a version that could be booted from a USB flash drive. This would be helpful with the new netbooks that have no CD or DVD drive.

The program could boot into a Linux environment to keep the people at Microsoft happy.