Comodo reports Dls, Completed/Installed but none of that happens

CIS Win10 Pro Custom Machine

I uninstalled CIS 10 and installed CIS 11. After its initial DL/scan (all OK/updated) I checked the directory and found that bases.cav was the original installed 9.8K file. I then manually DLed/installed the current (07/21/2018) definitions file - 396,490K.

Today, after the last update (“thirteen minutes ago”) bases.cav remained the original 07/21/2018 396,490K file. I then DLed/installed the current (07/25/2018) 403,291K file.

It appears that CIS is going through the motions but, in fact, does not DL/update anything. Based on existing update failure posts, I have <cislogs.sdb> <msinfo32.nfo> <cmdinstall.ex. . . .> If these help in my situation, where would I post/send these?



Same here. I can’t find the 393MB bases.cav that downloaded when I installed and updated CIS today on Win7 64bit.
Any ideas where it is hiding? And why?
When I click help/about it seems to show that I am using a current database.
Very confusing.

Hi EddyHaskel,

You can check the downloaded signature file in C:\ProgramData\COMODO\Cis\signatures.

Kind Regards,

Thanks!! I looked in dang near every other folder, LOL.
I’ll look there soon as I get home. Odd that when I searched for *.cav Win7 didn’t report that one.


you should use : “type:cav” (without quote) when you search extension.