Comodo reporting AVG virus scan as suspicious behaviour.

I have been using Comodo as my firewall for some months now with no serious problems at all to report. It has just been updated to the latest version last weekend and again no problems.

I use the free editions of AVG anti-virus and AVG antispyware. I have followed and applied all the advice offered on these forums and set the allow all activities,allow invisible connection attempts,and skip advanced security checks for all AVG applications. My AVG antivirus is set to check my PC each day between 0800-1000hrs and each day between 0803 and 0839 I get the report (The Firewall has logged 11 high security events) When I check the log they are all avginet.exe / suspicious behaviour. Is there any way I can stop Comodo seeing this as suspicious behaviour.

With the previous version I had set the Component Monitor to On, and when it updated to the latest version it remained on. I thought it might help to put it back to learning mode and have. I have also done a new scan for known applications but still get the same warning every day.

Can anyone tell me what to do do get Comodo to recognise this scan.
Thanks in advance,


“avginet.exe” is AVG’s intenet updating component. You could try adding an Application monitor rule for itand tell the rule to learn the parent. You should also get these same alerts if you manually update via the internet.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll try that and see how it goes. I had it set as specify parent.

I did what you said and now I only get one alert every day instead of eleven. Should I just leave it as is or is there a way to stop the single alert as well. Thanks so much for your help here.