Comodo removed firewall option at today s update,

Hello all,

I recently looked on the phone and see that comodo firewall is not listed anymore in CMS… but it was before todays update, explain please?
Thank you for your time.

If I may, I’d like to suggest that in future updates (regardless of FW feature being added or removed) :

update process (pre/post …, whatever) should NOT (!!!) detach active VPNs that are not related to CMS.

I’m using non Comodo product for VPN (FW, compression and more) and just after updating CMS it was disabled.

This is an unjustified misuse of device admin given to CMS :-TD

With all do respect, SIR! if you are applying that i am missusing the android phone and/or rooting it? or i dont know how to use CMS for android and /or CIS for the PC if so, you are mistaken as i just wanna know what is going on because noone is talking about FW issue yet… explain what you meant by " This is an unjustified misuse of device admin given to CMS :-TD "

I’m sorry for being misunderstood.

I’m implying that if CMS was not given device admin rights, then latest update process was not able to disable non CMS VPN (FW).
Since CMS is given device admin rights, when it was updated it disabled (detach) VPN that was not related to CMS (or for that matter to any other Comodo product).