Comodo Removal Tool

Even after I use the Comodo removal tool, I still have Comodo services that I can not get rid of for anything.

command prompt
sc delete “COMODO System Utilities Service”
does not work at all.
I even got a program called process hacker that will not get rid of it.

So really the Comodo removal tool does not remove all traces of Comodo. I am using Windows XP Professional 32 bit.

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Hi and welcome gucc3301,
To run the SC Delete command you will need an elevated command prompt, right click and select ‘Run as Administrator’ to open the command prompt.

Also you need to delete the ‘service name’ and not the ‘display name’.
Please be sure before deleting a service as a deleted service is gone forever.

Keep us informed, thanks.

Unlike many mainstream anti-malware companies Comodo does NOT have an officially supported removal tool. There is more than one unofficial uninstall tool listed in this forum - make sure you are using the latest version of the one that applies to the Comodo version you are trying to remove.

See for more info.