Comodo Removal Tool will not finish removing CIS install?

Hi all - new to Comodo, have never dealt with it before.

I do computer repair on the side and was given a laptop by a lady to clean up and install a different AV on.

I am not sure what version of Comodo was installed on it, but I am pretty sure it was an older version - PC is running Windows 10. I uninstalled the software from the Add/Remove Programs menu and it claimed the uninstall went fine, but on rebooting, I got errors telling me parts of Comodo were still trying to run. So…I downloaded the Comodo removal tool.

I have now run that in normal Windows and also in Safe mode and it still will not uninstall…many ‘Access is Denied’ errors in the cleanup tool (see attached screenshot). The tool then asks me to restart…so I restart. But the Comodo software isn’t removed and still tries to load.

How exactly do I remove this software…?


Hi GeneralJo,

Thank you for reporting, make sure you have downloaded the right win bit of comodo unistaller tool according to your laptop win bit.

Note : During Uninstallation using uninstaller tool, it needs twice reboot of your PC for Complete uninstallation of the program so please don’t ignore those twice restart.

If you still couldn’t able to uninstall, kindly report back.


some of these errors stating listed items already not existing in system (already deleted)
other errors you’ve mentioned says these items are going to removed after restart (second one)
I always get just exactly same errors while uninstalling with official tool and no problem at all


They should consider to make the Removal Tool part of the normal CIS uninstaller by default.