Comodo Remote Management 1st Beta Released

Thank you for your interest in the beta!

The beta has now launched and available to qualified candidates. If you are interested in this program, please visit the following site to learn more about Comodo Central Remote Management and sign up to participate in the beta.

As of now this version has been released for 32-bit Windows XP and Vista operating systems and supports Comodo Firewall Pro product only. In future support to 64-bit version will also be added.

Thank you for your time and please let us know of any feedback you may have on the forums!

BETA NOTICE: This product is intended for special users (BETA Testers) who would like to join the testing process. It may contain major bugs that could cause serious problems and may not be suitable for everyday use yet. Please do not use it in a production environment.


Hey Umesh, awesome release! Are we needing a special version of CFP for Comodo Remote Management? If so, is there an auto update due down the pipelines anytime soon?

If not, am I safe to assume its just the normal CFP download


Hi psych1610,
CFP setups which are CRM compatible are inside zip file, which you get as a link when you sign up for it.

CRM and related CFP setups would have separate update and release schedules. So we have desktop version and enterprise CFP version which works with CRM.


I believe I understand you, but just to be sure. I already have CFP 32 bit installed. Say I want to use it with CRM, just download CRM and the setup for it? No need to uninstall CFP I have on my system already?

Hi Dave,
If you want client to be managed by CRM, it has to have CRM specific CFP version installed.
So you will have to uninstall existing CFP version you have.


Sorry for being so troublesome umesh, I got it now for sure!

Not a problem Dave :slight_smile:

i have no problems with instalation , but… :stuck_out_tongue:
it seems it need domain, i wanted to test it with workgroup without w2k3
server, but i am not able to add computers manually, or search network
without active directory 88)


I thought Workgroup management was going to be supported / included? Or is that slated for a future release?

Hi Panic,

The product is targeted for Enterprise environments with more than 250-1000 computers. Please correct me if I am wrong, but would these kinds of environments typically not use Active Directory?

Thanks for your input Panic!

You’re absolutely right. This version does need domain to be able to work at all.
FYI Current version of CRM is designed to support 1000 managed computers and more.
That’s why AD was selected as a source for importing computer hierarchy.
In big networks domain management (including AD) is crucial point because you can’t
ensure required level of management just using workgroups.

Of course they do, but I was obviously expecting something that would also cater to the smaller workgroup based LANs.

My thinking was that a tool of this type would be used to ensure consistency and constancy across smaller LANs, as it will do for larger LANs, as they are typically where malware strikes. Although corporate LANs can and do get infected, I would have thought that most of the large scale propogations and botnets were hosted on home PCs and smaller, unmanaged LANs. This is why I thought they presented the greater need and the greater potential for this type of product.

This type of product has enormous potential outside the corporate world. Just ask yourself, what percentage of the worlds PCs are standalone or on workgroup LANs, and why is this not inconsiderable segment left unmanaged? I believe that this is a real opportunity for Comodo.

Ewen :-

we should have a version for non AD users for the smaller no of computer networks.

Whether this current product can be done to offer that or a different one is another question.

But I agree with Ewen, there certainly is a huge potential addressing the needs of smaller organisations


Hey Melih,

Maybe the devs should go back and have a look at;msg3526#msg3526

I’m still 100% convinced the concept of a transitory pseudo-server, combined with the master-subordinate model is the way to go for workgroup LANs that don’t have a single dedicated server.

I may be bashing my head against the wall, but I just can’t see another way for centralised workgroup management to be realised.

Just had a thought - maybe even provide the workgroup management with an optional “hook” to the live support? This way, people could optionally subscribe (thereby generating revenue for Comodo) and have someone assist in deciphering any alerts or logs from other PCs on the LAN. The support could become a learning tool.

What think?

Ewen :slight_smile:

will pass it to devs once again :slight_smile:
the initial focus was for large orgs… now we can take a look at the SMEs.
I like the support angle being incorporated into this for SMEs…



Great ideas! Thanks again for your input!

I also wanted to add my encouragment of a SMB / SME / small network edition of Comodo Remote Management.
I believe an affordably priced / easy to manage SMB / SME / etc… edition of Comodo Firewall / CRM could have unlimited potential of subscribers. There are others that see it as well. (Just look at FortiNet / SonicWall / even some Cisco-Linksys Products). On top of it, if you get these people when their small(er)…when they “grow up” they’ll remember you and perhaps upgrade to your enterprise edition software as well! Just my humble thoughts…


Hi Arash,

This looks very promising, however, I’m not sure that in its current development build how useful it will be for us.

I note that this product requires an active directory management domain to run. In our current situation the machines we manage are not part of an AD domain. The reason being is that although we have many machines that are managed by us, they reside in many different locations, such as other higher education establishments or behind local government managed firewalls. Some of these establishments only allow certain traffic to pass their firewalls. I’m not sure of the protocols or ports required for AD to function in such a dispersed environment, or if this traffic can be secured.

It maybe in our interests to manage these machines in an AD structure so if such management traffic can be secured and pass establishment firewalls, then it will be something worth looking at.


Just got word that in the next beta you will be able to manage CFP in a non-AD environment.

Excelllent! I was just goiing to post a comemnt to suggest that any management should be able to done via secure channels, perhaps IPSEC or SSL? These would be essential in an enviroment such as ours that will require management over WAN links and through foriegn firewalls.