What a nice firewall. I ofcourse have surgically removed IE from my computer as it is dangerous and always opens the pathways for viruses to attack. Is there no way I can update the firewall ? Why would a security programme rely on IE ??? ???

I never kno dat CFP updates thru IE??

I myself use Opera, never got any problem.

But IE is neccessary if u need to update Microsoft or windows so instead of removin IE, why dun u just leave IE untouched and use another browser ?

IE wont cause problem if u dun use it.

Hi, (:WAV)

CFP doesn’t rely on IE to update as far as I know. It updated with no problems while I had IE set so Ask --it’s on Allow now. Even in Allow it should popup if CFP used it since explorer.exe is specified as the only trusted parent.

Please be more specific about your problem. :slight_smile:

However it’s not like using IE will cause infections, it depends on what you do… Anyway Opera +1 :slight_smile:

the Comodo-updater seems to use some IE-components that are not
present on systems where IE has been ENTIRELY removed .
This is not the same as “un-installing” IE , the “un-install” just removes some shortcuts.
And NO, you DON"T need IE to update winblows :

HEEEEY, why nobody mention firefox!it’s unfair

nice (:CLP) (:CLP)

hey, why everybody blame IE? is that so bad? does it really dangerous?
i use firefox just coz it’s got multiple tab (i have IE6), and i’ve tried to update to IE7, but it makes my system crash.dunno why.