Is this the board for posting ?'s about Comodo Registry Cleaner ? I can not tell since all I see that comes close is CSC.

“CSC” is an abbreviation for “Comodo System Cleaner”. Comodo system cleaner contains many cleaning functions, including the registry cleaner.

Yes. Since CSC contains the registry cleaner.

Note: A long time ago, Comodo released a registry cleaner. However, that program is out of date, and has since evolved into CSC. So, if you have an older program, please uninstall it and install the latest version of CSC.

Thanks A Bunch ! Whoop-dee-doo

Where do I download thr registry cleaner to try it?

Hi rfdt, welcome to the forums.

You can find CSC (Comodo System Cleaner), which includes the registry cleaner, along with all the other free Comodo applications here.

Tried CSC, won’t install properly.Tried repair.No go

Worked it out.