Comodo Registry Cleaner comments

Am finding this cleaner a little too ‘deep’ - e.g. initial scan / remove stripped several uninstallers and i was subsequently stuck with the sortware until i did a re-install to recover the U.I. facility.
Later use made my browsers (Firefox and Chrome) totally kludgy and ‘wet-cement’ slow, both in loading and searching - reminded me of my old ‘buggy’ Athlon. A ‘restore’ made everything ‘slick and quick’ again, but the net effect was… no changes to registry. Could you tweak the program to display several levels or layers of fault removal to clean up the ‘worst first’ - in effect. Your programs and philosophy are impressive - thanks for your good work.

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Thank you for using the application. Please be more specific. Also post it on Suggestions or BUG threads and be sure we’ll take a look into.