COMODO Registry Cleaner Bugs?

Operating System: 32 bit XP SP2 Fully Patched

Security Software Installed: COMODO Internet Security Premium, COMODO Registry Cleaner

How you produced the problem: Ran a scan (it found ~3000 errors) then asked it to clean-up. This seemed to work but MS Speech was then broken.

How you tried to resolve the problem: Restored from the CRC Restore Point and MS Speech was OK again. To make sure the MS Speech problem really was caused by CRC, scanned again and asked it to create a new Restore Point (so as not to lose the one that worked). This time CRC crashed part way through creating the Restore Point. Opened CRC again and ran another scan, this time selected ‘No’ to a Restore Point (as I already had one that worked) but it started to create one anyway, then crashed as before.

Post Memory Dumps on crash if you encounter any: None taken, but I could if it would really help
Any other Additional Information: None