COMODO Registry Cleaner BETA Bug Reports [CLOSED]

Some typos that need fixing for next beta. :slight_smile:

Running Windows XP Home SP3 with CFP 3, CRC Cleaner “flickers” when clicking in between tabs, eg: from Summary to Optimize the interface can flicker, etc.


Video of crash:

Pic of crash: - supload Resources and Information.

XP Pro SP2, NOD32 2.7, Outpost Pro 4

love the video!!!
:slight_smile: thanks for the bug report…


OS - Windows XP Pro, SP3
Current Security - Avira AntiVir Premium, Sygate FW, Comodo SafeSurf, GesWall, Returnil.

I like this program very much - great work

However, adding scanned registry entries to “Ignore List” via right click menu does not seem exclude entries from scan count next time system is scanned - ie does not appear to work?

Also, I have 128 errors recordred in “Unsafe Entries” after a scan that I do not desire to clean. Therefore it would make sense to me to add all these entries to the “Ignore List” (when “Ignore List” works). To add these one at a time would be very tedious - will there be a way/feature to highlight all these entries in one go and add them to the “Ignore List” in one hit?

Thanks in advance.

XP Media Center Edition
CPF, CMF, Malwarebyte’s AntiMalware installed

Problem: Selecting the “Clean-up” option leaves “Compact” or “Back-up” highlighted with blue. See screenshot.

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This bug is also occurring on my machine:


Can you please post the entries that you tried to ignore ? Make a print screen with your Ignore List before scanning . Thanks

Xp SP3 3000+ Sempron

Cleaned and compacted. Unable to load windows in normal or safe mode. Got past all the boot messages in SM and then looped back to the “Sorry for the inconvenience” screen.

Had lunch while one of the two disk images made immediately prior to the test was restored.

Thanks for confirming, I guess I could leave my post in the old thread. :wink:


Hi Andrew Alex

Thanks for your interest, but including screen shots would not be any help. Maybe I wasn’t very clear.

To reiterate. For instance, two “In-depth Search” entries are added to the “Ignore List” and on subsequent

scans are correctly ignored, but any registry entries added from the “Unsafe enties” catagory are NOT ignored?

Do I have a problem. or is this by design or a bug?

Do you or can anyone else confirm this?

(Returnil and Geswall protection are turned off)

Please make a print screen with the content of following registry locations:


It 's a bug indeed and will be fixed in a future release .
Thanks for the bug report

Thanks for confirmation.

No prob


when i open crc it says date of last compact never i have already compacted why is it not listed?
vista home premium
avast av
cfp d+

I use windows xp sp3 on a presario compaq with P4.

I ran yesterday a clean up .

this morning i tried to remove from a start list program one program using msconfig.

it was impossible to run msconfig.

i used the back up facilities from comodo.

after using this facilities msconfig runs correctly.

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Please check if it is a Comodo Registry Cleaner version Release . If so please give me the backup registry file that you restored . Thanks

Hi darae,

The version of the Release can be found in  'MISCELLANEOUS'  at  'About' section  and the Backup file that you restored  can be found in the BACKUP directory from the installation path . 
Please give us more information about this bug . Thanks

HI everyone (:WAV)

I try CRC on my:

*765 MB RAM


*CFP3 w/Safe Surf

After running CRC my HP Solution Center, ENCARTA, CHIKKA is perfectly destroyed after rebooting! Oh! I found out that errors is made by IN-DEPTH SEACH. Hmmm… any way I do not include In-Depth Search on my scanning scheme that’s why everything goes perfectly fine now.

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