Comodo refuses to install even though Trend Micro is uninstalled

I got Trend Micro preinstalled with my new PC.
I removed it and seemingly everything assosciated with it according to this:

But Comodo still refuses to install on account of Trend being present.
There is nothing left, except some garbage links in some obscure part of the registry (which I do not dare to remove, since they contain 1000s of links NOT related to Trend), pointing to now nonexistant locations. How do I get around this?


Please try following the advice given in this topic and see if they help.

Sorry, some of them won’t apply to your situation, but perhaps at least steps 5 and 6 will. Let us know what you find.


Hey Chiron,

Thanks for the good suggestions. Unfortunately none of them worked, not trhe uninstaller, not manual uninstall, not the Comodo registry cleaner.
If I look into the registry and do a search, the only entries that still contain anything related to “Trend” are found in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/…/CLSID/…
There is nothing else, no network drivers, no files, no nothing.
Is there some way of having Comodo installer be more forgiving over this…?

Best regards, Asic

Please run the installer and post the install log after it fails to install and is aborted, you can find the log in %temp%\COMODO Internet Security_11-10-11 11.53.50.log
Where date and time are variable to your installation date/time.

Hi Ronny,

That would be good advice if there was a log file. But Comodo installation refuse to even start, on account of Trend Micro software being installed (which is not the case anymore).

Thanks anyway, Asic

Try running this tool to make sure all traces of trend micro are removed

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Hello wasgij6,

Thanks, but I did already in response to the tips from Chiron, they included this link.
Probably I just give up and install something else…

Best regards, Asic

Hi Asic,
I am in no way trying to palm your issue off and we would love to help so my following advice is only trying to help with a solution.
Pre-installed always seem to have tight ties to the machine and are sometimes difficult to totally remove.
This being a new machine that is not behaving as it should I would consider contacting the place of purchase and discuss the issues with them to see if they can help.
After all is said and done you should be able to run the software of your choice not be locked out of doing so.
I don’t know if it is a full paid or trial version of Trend Micro that comes pre-installed but I would really consider contacting directly to Trend Micro support and discuss your issues.
Pre-installed is a pain at the best of times, but to control what you can and can’t use is beyond what should happen.
Good luck and kind regards.

Hello captainsticks,

Again, excellent advice.
Unfortunately Dell tells us to contact Trend Micro.
Contacting Trend Micro yields little in return but a standard form asking for license/install data etc which no longer exist, if they ever did.

I thank all who have tried to help in the matter, but too much time has been spent on this by now. Sufficient alternatives has been installed, I’ll have to manage with those.

Best regards, Asic

Hi Asic,
That is disappointing and unfortunate, and your return reply is appreciated thank you.
Sorry at this point in time a solution was not found from anywhere.
Kind regards.

I had that problem until i found a way to correct it, it came from a post at PC Tools…

How to Display Hidden Devices Drivers

Many deleted programs, especially anti-malware programs leave drivers behind that can conflict with all kinds of current programs and slows the boot process as well. Before you do the following procedure, check the Services to make sure no old deleted services are still active.

In order to show hidden devices:

1. Right click My Computer and Select Properties
2. Click Advanced tab
3. Click Environment Variables
4. Below the bottom Environment Variables window pane (System Variables), click New
5. For Variable Name, enter devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices
6. For Variable Value enter 1
7. Click OK. OK to close My Computer

Open Device Manager, click on View, select show hidden devices from the menu.

Most of the orphans will be in non-plug and play drivers and the icons will appear grayed out. You can right click the grayed out driver and click uninstall.

Note: Some old deleted programs (Norton, AVG, etc.) leave behind drivers that are still active (not grayed out). These should be uninstalled.

If you do not know what the driver is, bing it prior to deletion so you undertand what you are deleting. 

On my machine i right click on my computer click on properties click hardware click device manager click view click show hidden devices. You’ll see grayed out drivers, now find the ones your looking for and uninstall them, just be very careful not to uninstall something you need. When in doubt Google them, i found all kinds of leftovers… Hope this helps… ;D


also try rebuilding windows security center, things can go weird there.