COMODO rating scan rates cfrmd.sys as unknown file?

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I just upgraded to COMODO 6 (because I found out COMODO 5.12 would not upgrade, either automatically or manually).
After the install of the upgrade, I performed the rating scan. It found 9 unknown files:

atimpenc.dll ATI MPEG Encoder
atimpenc64.dll .NET framework

And the one that troubles me:
It says it is a COMODO file. But why would COMODO rate its own file as unknown? I heard it could also be a sign of a hacker? :o

Who knows a way to find out if this file is safe or not and why it is rated as unknown?
Also, why are there so many files rated a sunknown that are associated with microsoft .NET framework? (I don’t even know what that is)

Thanks a bunch already!

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.Net is a software development framework developed by Microsoft. It is required to run many programs these days and in even integrated into the OS now days. They may have recently changed due to Microsoft updates, so that may explain why their currently not recognized. As for cfrmd.sys I was not able to find that on my system which leads me to believe its leftover from an earlier Comodo install.

You can check files to see if they may be malware or not using virustotal

As of unknown files, you can locate them, put them in an archive, upload the archive to a free hosting service and then upload link here for whitelisting.

cfrmd.sys belong to the, not officially, discontinued Comodo System Utilities. May be its signature expired and therefor is not getting recognised.