Comodo Rating Scan Question

Hi All

Please see attached screenshot. Comodo Rating Scan has detected 8 unrecognized files on my system (Windows 10) but I see no option to submit these files to analyse (only no action or trust). Given that I (and Comodo) don’t know what these files are, all I can do is apply no action. Am I missing something?


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The whole procedure to submit files seems to be broken.

Yes, there is no option for this in that windows. You can right click on every unknown file and go to its location. Copy them into a folder then send them to whitelisting thread.
And submission is broken for me too. I do not care about it, it approx. 2 years problem of Comodo :-TD

You can make a wish for this situation. On action menu, there can be a option like “Submit to Comodo” :-TU
Please make a wish for this, I like the idea.

Another issue is that after the scan is completed you can’t even sort the list to have all the trusted/unrecognized files together, even though you can sort by file name you just can’t sort by rating.

Is this software even tested for bugs before it’s released??