Comodo randomly trying to call home?

I’ve noticed over the past couple months that when I have peerguardian open, it shows Comodo attempting to create a connection/call home.

It’s not auto-update since I have that disabled, and this only started a few months ago. So what is it?

Do you have Wireshark? You could check what exactly happens during the connection. Of course for that you’d have to allow a connection.

Well, I could do that, but I don’t really know how to read packets myself. It doesn’t happen very often either so I’d probably have to leave it on all night or something when I’m not using the computer.

I was just hoping that maybe someone who works on the product might know what it is.

Hi Freegman,

If you have the cloud enabled in Defense +, Comodo checked unrecognized files with its whitelist database which explained your connections to Comodo servers.


Cloud look up uses ports TCP 4448 and UDP 4447. That may help to determine if you see cloud look ups. Also CIS will contact Certificate Authorities to check certificates of digitally signed files.