Comodo randomly blocks internet??


I’ve been using Comodo for a while but since upgrading to version 3, i’m having problems with Comodo blocking my internet. I know Comodo is to blame because disabling it allows me to browse web pages again. I’ve been getting round this problem by restarting the firewall when it happens but i figured it was time to find out why.

Both Firewall and Defense are set to Train with Safe mode but other than that Comodo is in the default setup. I recently tried setting the alerts settings to very high, to see if i could catch out what is blocking the connection. Haven’t had any suspicious alerts so far and have had Comodo block my internet a couple of times so it could possibly be Defence not the firewall thats causing the block??

My system

Comodo version
Windows XP SP2
Eset Nod32 Antivirus v3

PS. Are there any guides for the best settings to use for Comodo v3, have had a quick look in the forums but no luck?

Be sure IE and FF and set as browsers under your network security policy settings. Also be sure IE and FF are listed as trusted on your computer security policy.

I have IE and FF (My Default Browser) set as browsers under my Network Security Policy as:

Firefox = Treat as Custom
Allow IP In/Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any
Allow IP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Protocol Is Any

IE = Treat as Custom
Allow TCP Out From IP Any To IP Any Where Source Port Is Any and Destination Port is 30606

Also IE and FF are listed as custom in Computer Security Policy with access rights set to “ask” for all except:

DNS Client Service (Allow), Disk (Allow) and Keyboard (Allow).
Protection Settings are all set to “No”

Would i not be putting myself at risk by defining my browsers as “Trusted” applications under Computer Security Policy as the majority of computer attacks come via the net? What does defining an application with internet access as “trusted” actually allow?

Have you tried to set IE and FF as" browsers". Its in the predefined rule rom the pull down. I have both IE and FF set up with the “browser” setting and it works great. You also dont need IE or FF set to ask in D+ just set them as trusted. Why dont you try deleting IE and FF from both the firewall and D+ and rebooting. Launch both IE and FF and see what happens. After set both of them up as browsers under “network security policy” and trused under computer security policy.

Thanks Vettetch,

I missed the Comodo firewall presets for browsers, email clients etc, seems to be working ok now. Still not sure about your recommendations for setting Defense, think it would be safer to configure as and when Comodo reports action is required to allow/block an app.