Comodo Questions [RESOLVED]

Hi All,
I have been using your Firewall and have some questions:
The download shows that the current update is, yet when I go to my Comodo folder and look at it’s Exe’s, they all show, is this correct or do I have a problem?
When I am looking at the Defense+ event viewer, I do not see anywhere that tells me if the event was allowed or denied, is this correct or am I not looking in the right area?
When an alert comes up and you do not answer it in time, what permission is given to it? Does the Firewall / Defense+ block or allow the request? Again, I cannot tell by looking at the logs.
And lastly, on the main interface, where it shows status, applications running etc., modes you are in. I seem to have a problem with applications running, example, I connect to internet using Firefox, I close firefox, but it will stay in that active panel until I reboot. If I click on it, it’s blank, but it does not clear, it always shows svchost as well, but again, if I click on it, it is blank. Any ideas on what is happening here?
I am running WinXP-SP2,all updates.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer
T. (:WAV)

What your seeing in the main GUI after you close Firefox thats normal cause thats the last program that was accessing the internet. It happens to me. As far as old files when you do an update if any program it doesn’t uninstall all old files it just over writes them and leaves old ones behind. If the main GUI under Miscellaneous\About is showing 329 then your all set. The logs are for intrusions. Not rules you made. If you want to look at the rules you made simply go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy.

Hi Cello,

Dont worry(not that you where)you have the latest version,its just thats the issue number for those exes.If you also look at the cmdagent executable you will see version
With regards to Defence+ it will only log events which have been blocked(automatically or by you).If you get a Defence+ alert and it is not answered it will be taken as a block.



ps Welcome to the forums,if you have any more questions someone will be pleased to help.

Thank you for the quick replies, I was a little worried, but you put my mind at ease. Thanks for the welcome as well!
Have a good day
Many Thanks,

Great news that we have resolved your issue. I’ll close this topic now. PM an online moderator with a link to this topic if you should need it opened again.