COMODO Quarantine folder access

How do you remove the protection on the quarantine folder? I have a tone of false positives that i need to check with Virustotal .

Every-time a i try and access the quarantine folder i get an access denied error, i want to temporally remove this. I have already submitted all the files in quarantine but i know it will take ages for them to get check or cleared.

All the files are in quarantine due to Heur.Packed.Unkown[at]-1

I am considering restoring these files but it will be very troublesome to find them again among 100’s of other files


i restored 1 of the files and checked with virustotal and only comodo AV detected it

The folder is protected by limited rights to it. You would need to do a take ownership procedure.

This protection is there to protect the average user against him or her self.

Best thing to do is to submit the f/p’s here in this board.That way you will now when it is fixed. The f/p people are usually pretty quick. If the f/p is not fixed after two days make that know in Post here your unfixed FP’s (only after 2 days) .