comodo proxy made with unparalleled security and privacy in mind

add an option in comodo dragon to use comodo proxy. make it to where the user can just tick and untick use comodo proxy without any more needed action from the user for the proxy to work. also make it easy to use for other browsers

Yeah, that’s great! But really isn’t it better to maintain and improve the existing products instead of starting new things?


comodo should just cut the products that arent getting developed anymore and just work on the more developed products.

i’m not saying they have to be ocd like they’ve been being and develop it now while trying to get all this new stuff in cis and dragon. they could do it when they get all there existing products polished and solid. this thread is for what product should comodo make next not to say when a product should be developed or that comodo should slow down even though i totally agree that they should but i’m not going to quit posting ideas for new stuff as long as they give me an outlet to do so just because i think they should slow down. chances are they wont slow down anyways nor speed up just because new ideas are posted. they will develop at whatever speed they feel comfortable with regardless the number of ideas posted or the speed in which they are posted. even if no one ever post any new ideas the comodo team will think of new ideas too and develope what they come up with. plus i’m sure comodo has thought of making many of the products people have request even before they post it. they just don’t say that they already thought of it all the time if any. people keep asking comodo to slow down but i don’t think they will anytime soon regardless of forum members posting new ideas

Yeah, good ideas must be welcomed!


Yeah. Please Comodo, make proxy. It will help us to browse the web secure and anonymous. Best idea ever from this forum.