Comodo protects wrong drives

I installed Comodo Time Machine on my Windows 7 x64. At the Setup-process I can choose, which drives will be protected by CTM. There are the two drives with the letters C: and D:.

But after the complete installation the drives C: and D: are marked as NO in the settings of CTM. Instead the two hidden partitions of Recovery and System are protected.

Partition Table looks like following.

Disk 0 Partition 0 Recovery hidden
Disk 0 Partition 1 System hidden
Disk 0 Partition 2 Windows C:
Disk 0 Partition 3 Data D:

I can uninstall and reinstall, and it will be the same problem all over again.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards


I have two hidden partitions on one of my HD and I didn’t have any problems on installation of CTM (identifying and protecting the system partition).

If you’d used version 2.8 and had this problem, suggest you download 2.9b from “Beta Corner” and give it another try !

Also, don’t understand why your hidden partitions were created before your system and data partitions !

Had the hard disk been used as a backup drive before installing the Current System ?

The usual partition table would look more like this :
Disk 0 Partition 0 Windows C:
Disk 0 Partition 1 Data D:
Disk 0 Partition 2 Recovery hidden
Disk 0 Partition 3 System hidden

It is a new Notebook and it is on factory defaults. There are the System Recovery Volume to Restore the original Installation which was on the Device at purchase. The System can boot from this Partition, if I press F4 on POST screen.

I saved the complete Disk on external drive with a cloning software, and deleted all partitions on disk. I installed Windows on the single partition. So there are one hidden partition with 100MB for System files, and the rest of the disk contains all data. Now all is fine. CTM protects the drive C:

I will try beta versions on same computer-models to test.