Comodo protecting me from my antivirus software

I think Comodo Firewall Pro with Defense+ is protecting me from my Norton Antivirus (NAV).

After my NAV scans run I find a bunch of error messages:
“RUNDLL: Error loading c:\progra~1\common~1\symant~1\virusd~1\20080819.003\cceraser.dll”

How do I tell Comodo Firewall to let NAV do it’s thing? I tried:

  1. Adding “Symantec” to “My Trusted Software Vendors”
  2. In “My Pending Files”, selecting a line with “cceraser.dll” and moving it to “My Own Safe Files”.

But the next day the error messages are back. Am I supposed to be going in and OKing “My Pending Files”?

Try putting the NAV processes into D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy. Thats where programs need to be to be trusted. Also try D+ in training mode temporarily.