Comodo Programs Manager

Wow! Programs Manager.

I have a game I play on windows. Thats the only time I am in windows. But I have Comodo Programs Manager and Ice Dragon installed, I have Firefox too, along with windows stuff.
Long story short, a family member decided that they wanted to rip a DVD that a friend of theirs had made on their computer. So they went to suchANDsuch Shrink and downloaded the installer, and about five other programs as well!
Comodo Programs Manager monitored them all and I was able to force uninstall all of them because they weren’t going without a fight, so they took firefox with them, claiming some dependence issue. The Programs Manager took 'em all out, completely gone. The only thing that remained was an icon in my start menu of the Internet Explorer “e” with some Chinese characters written over it that led to windows saying that led nowhere, and would I like to remove it.
A complete scan with a Live CD came back clean, and this install of windows was saved from the chopping block.

Did CPM uninstall everything you had installed leaving just the IE icon in the start menu? When you start IE does it have Chinese characters in it?

Try running system restore. That may be the quickest way out of this.

I’m thinking he doesn’t want to use system restore because he is actually mostly happy with what CPM did. CPM is a great program. Too bad it was abandoned.