COMODO Programs Manager GA Release

Very Very Soon :-TU

GG! :slight_smile:

is it soon like tomorrow?


If its Very Very Soon then I think it’s tomorrow! :-TU

:slight_smile: Yeap! you’ll be able to take it out for a spin, today!

looks cool, waiting to try it.

today is almost over and for the Devs in the Romanian office who worked on this the day is waaayyy over. 9:09 EST = 4:09 AM Romanian time.

why doesnt the link work that is in the details on the youtube vid? i want to download this program


Sorry, no more than two hours till release. We found an issue and we wanted to double check.



Cant wait! Thanks

Still waiting! :THNK

2 hours seems to take several hours sometimes… 88) Oh well, please don’t rush this, I rather wait a while than installing software containing uggly bugs…

Download Comodo Program Manager from here:;msg417427#new