COMODO Programs Manager Public Release


We are happy to announce that an update for Comodo Programs Manager 1.3 is available for download

What’s new:

  • updated Polish language pack
  • updated German language pack

What’s fixed:

  • issue regarding the network file share;
  • issue regarding the quick uninstall from shell extension for certain applications;
  • issue regarding the usage frequency for some applications;
  • issue with the drivers and services state on x86 systems;
  • some GUI issue;


  • Changing the install destination may cause the setup to crash.
  • “Restore Backup” and “Restore from SFX” may not restore full functionality for some applications.
  • Some issue regarding Available Windows Updates detection.
  • Database uninstall may take a long time to perform, dependeing on the database structure of the uninstalled application.
  • Some GUI issues are still present.


Please use��-cpm/comodo-programs-manager-13230-public-release-bug-reports-t76144.0.html to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.


Setup for Windows XP 32-bit/64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit:

Size: 10.7 MB (11,278,928 bytes)
MD5: a4a313637a0c33f3964ac997c2a89a6a
SHA1: d1757d1609c4ac5b19a6935763c3cc05447afcaf

Although I translated this:

"Step 1: populating data..." IDS_UNINSTALL_STEP2_STANDARD "Step 2: running uninstaller..." IDS_UNINSTALL_STEP2_DB "Step 2: populating data from database..." IDS_UNINSTALL_STEP3 "Step 3: running uninstaller(s)..." IDS_UNINSTALL_STEP4 "Step 4: updating data after uninstall..." IDS_UNINSTALL_STEP5_DB "Step 5: deleting db entries..." IDS_UNINSTALL_STEP2_MONITORED "Step(s) 2: Populating monitored data..."

It’s in English.

Is this an equivalent of Revo uninstaller?

A little different in technology…
Better: it monitors any installation and log everything installed giving a very best uninstall procedure due to that. Also it backups the installation if you want to restore it after.
It lacks of scanning the computer for leftovers if the installation was done before CPM was installed.

And CPM works with 64-bit apps.

What about portable version?

and what about new version? when?

Yeah, with the new scan and clean method of version 2, COMODO Programs Manager will become the ultimate uninstaller for Windows. (literally).
I just wish COMODO will focus on CPM as they focus on CIS.

With all the other Uninstaller in Windows only CPM has the following:

  1. Online database. (Yeah, this covers the weakness of “monitoring type” uninstaller which is uninstall that is not monitored).
  2. Check for malware before the installation start. (I know that typical users have anti-virus installed. But an additional check in the cloud does not hurt.)

Im using this right now, and have in the past. It is working great now. I did a clean restore to factory settings then installed CPM before installing updates and programs. Have tested several uninstalls with it, and not a trace found afterwards. Very impressed with this software, and has become a permanent fixture on my machine. The added malware scan in the cloud done via downloads, is an extra bonus that combined with CIS makes for a great combination. I recommend others to take it for a spin again if you have not since the earlier days.

is CPM 2 still in development??

Yes its been a very long time since CPM came out of beta or got updated or is CPM dead like comodo timemachine

I am having same thought… since there is no words from developer for a long time… I think CPM is gone… RIP :frowning:

As i stated version is working great on my windows 7 machine, wouldnt trade it for nothing, so hopefully Comodo will not discontinue it,as it is a great program.

Even comodo timemachine was a great product and they abandoned it now they Abandoned Comodo programs manager so no big deal for comodo
I guess comodo is only interested in CIS for now hope they dont abandon CIS too someday

Time Machine has not been abandoned…

We’re anxiously awaiting the beta of version 3 to be released.

Postponed yes, abandoned no see here.

There is a lot more to Comodo than just CIS.

Not to mention the initial screen shot posted here. It’s good to hear that CTM is being worked on and all, but this stuff was covered months ago and easy to find for anyone who is half way paying attention to the CTM forums. I don’t even use the program and don’t want to and I knew this. What I’d like to know is the status of CPM. That should be easy to acquire information. It isn’t a release date or anything that requires psychic powers. Is it still being actively developed?

yes you are right… We want to know is CPM still actively developed??


Can not install on Windows 8

Will the program for Windows 8?

Heheh, see how they get you to use their product and then leave you hanging?
Only reason to use Comodo products is that they are free.
Imagine you buy license and then they drop support like this?