COMODO Programs Manager 1.0 build 17 Released !!!

Does this program install something akin to Comodo Time Machine (CTM)?

I ask this because I’d like to install this, but I had a bad experience with CTM. If someone could clarify this I’d appreciate it.

no it is from inside windows, basically once installed it watches to see what changes have been made to the system and at anytime they can all be undone like nothing has happened.

Hello ,

Comodo Time Machine is not included in the CPM setup. Therefore, installing CTM is an optional feature and it must be first downloaded from the internet.

Thank you for the quick response.

I’ve got another question now that I’ve installed it. Under the options there is one to “View Monitored Programs”. I’ve found out this means any programs that have been installed since Comodo Programs Manager (CPM) was installed.

Am I correct in assuming that these programs would be uninstalled completely, but the others may have some pieces left on the system?

exactly, if it has a yes next to it, it will be completely removed.

Can someone tell me what the “ComodoUsageReportService” does?

For Drivers and Services,
Can one set the startup state? (disable/manual/automatic/automatic(delayed)?
Can you color code missing drivers/files with a “red” background for example?

Can you please make the details window “pop-out” so you have a full screen view of what key’s and files are affected? (See screenshot)

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Are you referring to a future version of CSC as I can’t find this feature in CSC3 beta.


Will this program also be able to remove malware?

As an example, let’s say that I were to install Antivirus 2010 (maybe it seemed a good idea at the time ;D). Could I then choose to uninstall it through CPM, as long as CPM was installed first?

I think this will work as it should have monitored all it’s moves, only issue is see here is with rootkits those could be flying beneath the radar… depending on where the file activity monitor hooks in.

I was thinking about this…

If one were to install a Rogue, off course meanwhile CPM was installed before, CPM could uninstall the rogue since yes the actions the installer made were monitored and all keys/files/folders would be removed if the rogue could be uninstalled.

Ive just been testing some applications and yes it’s extremely powerful! Gets rid of every single trace of a software. Very nice indeed!

worth trying :slight_smile:

Since I can not be bothered setting up a VM atm 88) I’ll just wait for Comodo Backup v3 final to be launched first… or I’ll wait for next CTM version before purposely infecting my self. :slight_smile:

I’ll test it out when those 2 come. :slight_smile:

Hi ,
CPM can’t uninstall malware software because most of them act beneath the CPM driver. CPM can only inform you if a malware or suspicious software installation is in progress . A more suitable software would be an anti rootkit program.

Ok Thanks.

What does CPM use for malware behavior detection?


It uses the malware and suspicious software scanning module from CCS.

Ah! So cloud scanning and powerful heuristic excellent! It would be great to have a icon in tray to know also that this is running.

Why would you need timemachine? make it a separate product.
Instead of auto monitoring ad an option for right click context menu to monitor setup.

Sorry for my bad English!

When will comes the final version. Is this a ■■■■ Cleaner (ccleaner) alternative

We have a big TODO list for CPM and at least for sometime we’ll keep surprising users with new features. One of them is the one you mentioned :).

GOOD WORK GUYS AND CONGRATULATIONS for this new product!!! This is the first release for this fresh team.

You worked hard and did a very good job.

I appreciate all the feedback and as you already got use to it we take it all into consideration! Thank you all for this!