COMODO Program Update Fails - Download Error

COMODO had shown a popup about 2 weeks ago with “Update Available”, but I always cancelled. Now I do not get that popup anymore…

Therefore, I clicked on “Update” and COMODO finds a program update and starts to download the file; At the 4th step "Download Updates, it starts the download but stops at 17.2% and Status = Error.
The Log Shows: “Error: 0x80030201 - The file download was aborted abnormally. The file is incomplete.”

I have rebooted the PC and tried several times with the same results.

I have WIN7 (64 bit) with COMODO Firewall v (Clicking on “Updates Available” brings me to a web page showing


Sorry for my bad english.
I have often same Problem. Most time one Workaround works.

  1. close all user programmes and save data, because open programm can be lost actually data.
  2. log in windows as adminstrator or open explorer as admin.
  3. one time go to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp and one time to %SystemRoot%\TEMP
    and delete all temp files that you can.
  4. start update new.
  5. if not works restart and delete files second time. and start update.
  6. if not works, install “unlocker” so so can delete all temp files with programm unlocker. but i never use this for comodo.

i hope this works.

i think comodo firewall not see that old install files are in temp. and comodo use ever same filename. i not show if this is right. but i think so.

greetings from germany.

Thank you for the suggestion. However, it didn’t help (I even tried with unlocker).

Hi Viking2ev,

Please un-install using this guide and re-install the latest Comodo Firewall from here.

Kind Regards,

Hi PremJK,

  1. I have Firewall version (and updates have been working up until the last one). The current version is “Internet Security v10.0.1.6223”. Why wasn’t I updated to the versions in-between?

  2. Do I install “Internet Security v10.0.1.6223” for the free COMODO Firewall?

  3. I need to keep my configuration with rules etc. Will it work to export/import the configuration between these two versions?

Most deinstall and reinstall works. But on my devices after reinstall often next updates not works. most time i see that are the tempfiles.

But it can be, that other “write-persmissions” have problem… what folder you use? (default, extrem long names, special letters) test install in other directory of reinstall an later updates not works.

or install from other adminaccount.

Error: 0x80030201 is the same error i have.

Fore some years comodo install have problems if install in other language then default (not default english). i ever install default language, and after install i change language.
have you install in other language?
what folder you have choose to install comodo?

best way ist, deinstall, and reinstall. but show if next updates works. test sometime update manualy.

if you have antivirus, show if antivirus block install. or windowsdefender or so.

Error: 0x80030201 at my devices ever are “write permission errors” (file exist, folder permissions incorrect, or so)

I wanted to thank you. I was having the same update problem for a while and I wasn’t sure how to fix it. I had even manually installed a later version (which wiped my settings), but on the next auto update, the updater would keep failing the exact same way. I really didn’t want to have to manually uninstall and re-install for every update / patch. I also wasn’t sure if this error was due to an overloaded patch server or something like that.

Guided by your suggestion, I found that the problem in my case was with the %SystemRoot%\TEMP\TempFiles folder.

It seems that the auto updater downloads the update files to this folder. However, this folder on my system already had previous update files there that were not cleaned out for whatever reason. It seems that since there were files still in that folder, the updater could not clear them out to download the update files, and hence would always fail with the 0x80030201 error.

I moved the TempFiles folder to a different location as a test, and ran the auto updater again. This time the auto updater was able to successfully download and install the update.

During the update, I saw that a new TempFiles folder was created, with all the downloaded update files. After the update, I noticed that the TempFiles folder still had the same directory structure, although all the actual files were removed. So perhaps there was a failed update in the past that prevented the older update files from being removed, thereby causing all subsequent updates to fail.

Either way, I’m glad I finally resolved this update issue, as it had been plaguing me for quite a few update versions already. I hope this information can help other people experiencing a similar issue.