Comodo Program Manager sees Malware install at computer start up

Sorry if I’m in the wrong forum, just could find one for CPM.
Everytime I start the computer CPM tells me that a Malware installation is in progress. My Bit Defender program isn’t picking up anything. Same with Malwarebytes. I even uninstalled BD and tried Kasperski, same thing nothing shows up.
Any idea what is going on? Any help will be appreciated. Thank You.

CPM needs an update and may not be a very reliable program.

Its a great product but out of date.

Sounds like a FP to me… Can you provide a virus total link to the file in Q? 88)

i remember CPM having some problems with FPs. Since its no longer developed there is no point in reporting it.

Thanks everybody for the feedback.
I have no idea what FP means or what file(s) might be involved.

Fp stands for false positive. It means that a safe file is being detected as malware/malicious