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Would it be possible to create a seperate section (or what ever you call it) with a list of all Comodo’s products (stable and beta) in one long list (say a table) with links to download, product info, etc. Quite a few times now, I’ve been caught off guard with a new beta (i.e CSC) or stable version being released without knowing off it or finding out about it a week later. I’m probably not the only one but I think this would be very usefull. There are so many great products to to keep checking up on.


i think we already have link to free comodo product .but i don’t know if it’s up to date or not 88)
gotta ask the boss first :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey… Visit the beta corner of the program… and click “Notify” This should notify you of any new threads… :slight_smile: Hope this helps.

Yes, something like that. Maybe add a sub-forum (is that the correct term ^_^) right under Desktop Security Products. Then within that, create a post listing all products (stable, beta, etc) and maybe add another post with current bugs (to save having to trawl through many pages before posting). Just an idea.


Wouldn’t I need to do that for each product though? There’s even times a new product has been released and I wasn’t even aware of it :D. I’m just thinking of having a central place of contact.


This could also include Comodo services too. Just heard about Comodo Site Inspector ;D.


Comodos product range seems to be proliferating wildly and there seems to be a lot of confusing overlap now.
this is not a complaint, just an observation, the products are all first class. But im often thinking now do i need this
if ive got that. (Do i need BOclean if ive got CIS, do i need registry cleaner if ive got system cleaner…)
I currently using CIS and the new System cleaner, but im still thinking do i need BOclean as well? yeah maybe
there should be some sort of list to show what includes what now.

I’m new here, but doesn’t this page contain the latest Comodo products, outside of the betas?

Yes it does but also showing beta’s would be usefull plus any additional info like product “x” may be released at “x” date.

I don’t mind initially setting this up (doing the hard work) then with the help of mods (who can update my post), this can then be kept up-to-date (hopefully).

Would anyone find this usefull? I would ;D. As mentioned, I don’t mind adding all the info first but then I will mainly be relying on the mods to update (i.e only version numbers, stable or beta)


Pfiew… that would be a whole organisation… but I think it could be realisable…

If someone wants to start with it feel free to do so… You can check the official Comodo site or the forums for the latest versions


I’ll start it but only if a few mods (2-3) agree to update it as ultimately, I’ll be using this to check for the latest versions of products, well the one’s I use (so won’t be checking in various sub-forums myself)

An example would be (using CIS):-

Comodo Internet Security
Description: CIS include Firewall, Antivirus and Defense+
Stable: 3.8.65951.477 (release date) < inc. download link
Beta: <4.0.00000.000 (release date)> or
News: <CIS 4.0 may be release on date xx/xx/xxxx> or any usefull info that has been asked/answered on the forums

Comodo BOClean
Description: …

Something like that for each free product or service.