Comodo Products


I just wanted to say thank you. I have tried your firewall and it is without a doubt, the best firewall I have ever used. For the first time ever, I passed Shields UP with 100% Stealth rating. I could not even get this with Sygate or Zone Alarm. Excellent job!. I am very much looking forward to installing Comodo Antivirus as soon as it is released as a full working version. I had downloaded the Beta version. I did have a few glitches such “Blue Screen Of Death”, Computer not booting up fully, etc. I would prefer to wait until these issues have been addressed and the product is fully rolled out. The minute it does, however, I will be replacing my current Antivirus with yours. I am more than impressed with Comodo. I have Ivault, Verification Engine & Firewall installed at present. I have had zero issues with these products. You’ve defintely got my vote.
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Thanks jmcneil, for the feedback, and welcome to the forums!

Your support is greatly appreciated. Hopefully things will keep moving forward on CAVS and we’ll get a final release before you know it… :wink: