Comodo products performance on vista machines

Hi folks!!! whats up??

Everyone knows how great windows xp is, I like it myself verry much, much like the entire world builds for this os!! (ok it figures, win xp is dominant on the os softwaremarket, but who cares!?)

Anyway who thinks about its successor?? anyone?? Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, but my point is the following:

I am feeling win vista doesn’t get much priority at the moment because it isn’t famous and used enough like it small brother xp. If you guys answer the poll, we have an image of the issues with winvista at this way maybe the development gets a level higher with more prority with a result that the products are fully functional with this beautifull os!

OK thanks in advance!


P.S: dont forget to vote!

I haven’t had many problems with Vista, some install problems early on, but that’s about it. Everything is perfect now :slight_smile:

Hi Júštiñ!

I am glad to hear that you have not much problems with your comodo products on your vista machine. It supports my thoughts that Vista is indeed a good platform to program for.

However not all programs work all too good on this new software platform (read: I have a lot of performance issues with comodo on vista) and if we can gain more intelligence about these issues, my dedication for comodo and vista will increase significantly.

okey, I wish you a nice day!


frustrating panic

Is that referring to panic? LOL


Yep that is true, I am refering indeed to PANIC! (not comodo members with the name panic)

Only problem I have is their AV doesn’t run on it. The firewall is as good on Vista as it was on XP.

Vista came with my new system and I really don’t have a lot bad to say about it


Thanks for your post Dawnrazor.

I have had that problem with the av scanner too on my vista machine, but a reinstall did fixed the issue (but then new issues occured (:LGH))

I am glad to hear you haven’t got much issues on your vista machine, I hope it stays this way. Vista is a great OS, though I have the hunch it is a work in progress.

But let us be honest: isn’t everything that comes out a work in progress??? Are there not come updates and improvements every time??? There has been always room for improvements, and there always will be. " a work in progress" yeah it is just relative, put in a some kind of context and you get several different answers.

But anyways,

Have a nice day!