Comodo problems on Earthlink dialup

I’ve tried all the Comodo Firewall betas and the same problems exist in each successive version. I can not upload to FTP servers even with the client(FlashFXP and Filezilla) with “skip advanced security checks” and I get random disconnects/reconnects to Gaim. Also about 6 hours into my dialup session in/out traffic is disabled by CPF. It would help a lot if host name resolving was enabled in the log window so I could see which IPs to allow.

I want to use CPF. It is great other than these errors but these errors greatly reduce usability and I cannot use CPF as long as these bugs exist. I still support CPF with a banner on my domain but I will stick with Kerio Personal Firewall 2.15(because I dislike Jetico 2 beta) until I can use CPF.

Thank you Comodo for making a great FREE firewall and I hope I will be able to use it someday without errors.