Comodo Problems: Comodo Internet Security Sucks! [RESOLVED]

Hold it right there! I don’t know “Bob from Avast” but there is no way you can even begin to compare the posting of sincerely held beliefs by a Comodo forum member, with the misinformation peddled by your typical desperate, fraudulent, commission seeking by whatever means, and possibly illegal, affiliate network website operator.

Ummm … don’t know if you noticed or not, but you’re replying to a 5 month old post - sleeping dogs and all that… :slight_smile:

Thanks. I didn’t notice. I only looked at the date on the last post. :-[


So I did what you said and it worked for a while now every time I open a folder of any type i get a pop up about DLLhost .exe or Com Surrogate…I mean really? The other issue is every time I do a widows update comodo has no clue what is a good file or not…This is happening even on a fresh install on a completely clean and shredded hard drive…very frustrating

This ppl got nothing better to do or what?

I still ask myself time to time why Comodo provide the security for free for some of us? Nothing is free…

I also heard that Comodo were selling some user and security info to ppl they shouldn’t… Keep an open mind… But I trust them… I say what I heard… But all lies prob 88)

don’t believe everything you hear.

That’s what I said… Keep an opened mind… :slight_smile:

Did you get my PM? :slight_smile:

Can we please stop the bashing of other products, it doesnt help anyone. Im going to lock this thread and mark it as [RESOLVED]. If anyone has issues please open a new thread or pm an online Mod if you disagree.