Comodo Problems: Comodo Internet Security Sucks! [RESOLVED] ;D

Looks like a website made by a professional but he describe his problems like if it were the first time in his live that touch a computer.
Too pro to be a private user and who will spend money on hosting and domains while Internet is plenty of forums?
I love the lacks of information about the problems or any evidence, and the same problem “blue screen” being reported all the times like if it were something different. Seems to be the perfect propaganda, so scared is avg if they are really behind?

The best part of the web is this paragraph

You know if the OpenSource community says so must be true, you know because avg is opensource and everybody knows that the opensource community uses Windows and not Linux this is why they love AVG ;D BTW where is this community?

[QUOTE]I’m already using the paid version (AVG Internet Security 2011) and am very satisfied with them so far, that’s all I can say.
Of course you have to buy avg

[QUOTE]I then started to find what other people had to say about similar problem online (did this using my other computer, thank God I have another computer to use!). To my surprise I wasn’t the only one experiencing this after installing Comodo Internet Security. The same also happens with Comodo firewall and Comodo antivirus.
This is to be sure that you have say something bad about all the products, the best of all is that nobody has reported BSOD of CIS 5.X in the forums (he says that he started to use CIS on May 2011)

Domains registered by the purpose is that you can’t know that avg is behind this ;D

So some altruistic people is spending their money in making promotion to avg and tell lies about their competitors and they use the same company to hide who is behind?, like if Internet is not plenty of companies like this one

We will never know the truth about this but at least you can have some laughs reading the website.

PD: never buy nothing from a web registered in or you will never know who is behind

to guess that some company would be behind this, is the same at this moment as his telling about the described stuff about comodo.
just (too fast) guesses.

its a question for me, why this user didnt visited a forum for help. and when his computer gets frozen when left, why didnt he sat next to it for the time to see what happened?
this user has nothing to do with a company, if you ask me. and just because you see a name in a text, or for example an advertisment of “a suite” on a test page for firewalls, doesnt mean automatically the results are made for the advertised things.

he can set up a page, and write stuff on it faster, than think about solving small problems first. doesnt fit.

Sorry but a person that does not know that the opensource community does not use windows (in fact reading the invented problem is clear that he just pretend to scam noob pc users) and has nothing to do with av’s does not make a website that easily, this website is a scam made but somebody to bring costumers to AVG

This user does not exists he is telling that has had the same problem with CAV and Comodo Firewall so it’s a problem of the AV or the HIPS or the sandbox or the firewall, the only thing in common of this products is the interface and an interface does not produce BSOD.

So taking into account that the user and the problems are invented, that the only purpose of the website is telling lies about Comodo and say how good is avg, and that he/they are using all the time the same service to register domains to make promo websites of AVG, I really doubt that this website is made by a person.

In fact the register domain is famous for being used for scam - knowledgesutra Resources and Information.

When you click on the links for AVG on that site this is what you get

its a link from an affiliate so that they make money for referring traffic. I am assuming CJ stands for Commision Junction which is an affiliate network. So this must be a person who registered as an affiliate with CJ and got links for AVG to sell AVG and get commision from doing that.

I think should disqualify this affiliate and AVG should NOT pay out to this fraudster for frauding end users with false stories.


this makes “sense” now.

its a poor attempt of a “singular” who tries to earn money with the product of someone else.
anyway, too cheap for a “legit” agenda.

LOL, reminds me with our beloved Bob from Avast :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Now now leave Bob alone their been enough civil war between Bob and Comodo, it time we all should have peace on earth :wink:

I see this as good news.

If someone has to go through all this effort to bash Comodo, then Comodo must be giving them a world of grief when they trying are sell their product.

All this did was make me more confident about the quality of Comodo Internet Security.


Was about to reply more or less the same thing :slight_smile:

I believe may 9th 2009 was the date when I’ve first installed CIS. Since that day, no malware has touched my system so far. Since then, the issue with formating the hard drive and installing the software all over again due to malware trouble, was over.
Maybe they’re starting to feel threatened because Comodo made some “noise” lately:

I’ve seen what CIS did for me these past years and I don’t need to listen to no one but my own experience with it.

Keep on doing what you do guys, it starts to show.

that was the first thing that came to my mind when I went through that website :smiley:
yeah !! good days hah ;D

I very much doubt this is set up AVG. As Melih said, it appears to be someone with an affiliate account with CJ or Affilias and is looking to make money by referrals and subsequent investigations bear this out so far.

If I were Melih I’d contact AVG and point this out to them. Hopefully they will can this loons affiliate account.


This page ( tells you how to remove CIS and contains a link to LANGUYS (Comodo moderator) Google doc removal zip, which contains the removal batch file created by RAGWING (another Comodo mod).

ROFLMFAO - don’t trust it to protect your PC but you trust the removal tool created by the Comodo mods??

Somehow, I don’t think the removal tool is the only tool in this chain of events.

Ewen :slight_smile:

And thats exactly what is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - OUR USER’S EXPERIENCE!!! And not some paid testing organisation not testing “full protection” capability, but real world users with their real world experiences… And that is priceless and can’t be bought! But detection tests… (fill in the gap):slight_smile:


Yup. I’ve had Comodo installed for months and I’ve got my setup really just perfect (for me at least.) I’ve personally tested it against malware of all sorts (including exploits, such as java exploits) and nothing has touched my system.

This may be a legitimate website/ issue. Software incompatibilities happen. The fact is that this doesn’t really say anything about the level of protection as the user didn’t get the chance to even see it in action.

AVG is not a replacement for CIS - it is an antivirus/ suite and doesn’t provide the same functionality. Not to say that it’s bad or “not enough” but they’re apples and oranges.

This site is just a blatant trash of Comodo and ramp up of AVG. The guy is a chancer who has the cheek to be earning money via referals to AVG!

Sure, I agree CIS can have issues, but this guy clearly knows little about security is more interested in filling his pockets with money from worried computers rather than helping them fix their issues!

I am sure this has nothing to do with AVG, just an a low life trying to make a few bucks.

This problem is actually very REAL becuase I actually exprience the same exat problem on a vista HP 4gb ram laptop (Slowest laptop I have seen) and it’ss really urgent it happend When I tried to clean one of my friends computer and then protect it I hardy got to fix it but I did plz COMODO fix this becuase it’s really really serious

The website that they made maybe a set up but the problem actually happend to me and alot of other people maybe it’s fixed in this new COMODO but it was very urgent and plz if it still exit plz fix it

sorry for my bad English

Your English is fine. Can you tell me what the exact nature of your problem is and what other security programs you have installed? Which of the security programs is running in the background?

I am not sure what is going on. I used to be a big fan of COMODO, even have friends using it at work. But lately it just sucks…it does not reconize standard windows systems files and highlights them as either virus or a unreckonised. I spend more time telling it to “allow” than I spend using my computers.

Can some one tell me what the heck is going on. I can get free symantic from work but have always loved comodo because it just worked…now not so much…it is driving me freaking nuts.

For my personal system I use fedora but my kids use windows so I need a good virus and software program.

Comodo use to be it…not lately

May be your configuration got corrupted (that can sometimes happen when cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe crashed; rules may get lost then). See if importing a factory default configuration file from the CIS installation folder makes the problem go away. You can import it under More → Manage My Configurations; make sure to give the newly imported configuration an applicable name like Proactive Security New f.e…

Or may be you got infected by a patch virus like Virut. Make sure to scan with various scanners to see if you are infected. In case of an infection with a patching virus it is best to let it get cleaned by running a Live CD like the one from Dr Web.

Keep us posted.