Comodo problem?

New problem is below this. This got fixed.

Today on the new tab page I logged into Comodo with my Google account, but it changed my bookmarks… and now Comodo won’t remember my history or autofill. I checked if autofill was even on, and it definitely is. (This includes websites that I visit after this error include. My history is still blank.) My bookmarks also have an icon shaped like a grey globe, even after I visit the sites. My New Tab page also won’t show my most visited sites.

I just logged out of my Google account, same problems.

Comodo still remembers what sites I’m logged in to.

I just noticed that Comodo isn’t listing any search engines under “settings”… (My default is still Google, though.)

Incognito mode was off.

After restarting Comodo a few times it fixed itself. Thanks anyways!

Now my new tab page only lists 3 sites… the other 5 slots are blank. (At first they showed bookmarked sites, so I closed all of them.)
I’m rapidly visiting the sites that I want to have there, but they won’t appear.

check “start in incognito mode” to make sure it is not turned on.