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I just downloaded the 30 day trial of Comodo Internet Security Pro. On the download page it shows “PRO”

But the executable file after I clicked “Download” shows no “PRO” and is THE SAME FILE NAME as the the NON-PRO version.

I checked everywhere on the program and I can’t find anywhere the word “Pro” after “Comodo Internet Security”

To all the PRO users - Does your application have the word “PRO” anywhere on it? I think I may have been fooled by a sophisticated malware.

I would like to find a way to discover if the PRO version I wanted to download is really the pro version…or is it the same free version? It has the same file name and the same screens and options and settings and everything.

And I don’t see anything about Wi-Fi protection so I may have been fooled…

Again - it clearly said “Internet Security PRO” on my download page so I know it was the correct download link.

Something suspicious…how can I be sure I have pro?

In the past, the only difference between ‘Pro’ and ‘Free’ has been the live support. Now that they mention the “Advanced Features” like Wi-Fi protection I’m not sure if there is a difference or not.

Free vs Paying is more of a difference than simple live support and 1 additional feature.

Any pro users here? How can I tell the difference between FREE and PRO?

Something odd about this…the download page said PRO so I’m sure that the PRO version would say PRO if I did have the PRO version…

Maybe I’ve been tricked!

The PRO versions only diffrence from the free version is that It has TrustConnect and LivePCsupport all other parts of CIS are the same.

If you did not fill this page you did not get PRO version of CIS.

Get a support is better than trying to fix problem.
Sure a feature are same but a live support provide by a real human that’s need salary.


CIS free and Pro are the same CIS. Standard the best defense you can get. But the pro people get a lot of additions. When you do get infected, Livesupport will clean it up for you. When you have problems with your software livesupport will fix it for you. If you’re in a cafeteria, and you don’t want other users to “read” your internet, you can use Trustconnect, etc. You can download the additional software in your account

trustconnect :

Best regards,

Indeed the free version is not crippled whenever to try the additional valued added PRO services (Trustconnect and LivePCSupport) the users also ought to optin LivePCsupport during installation and follow additional steps…

…including clicking on the 30 day trial specific button (which is linked to COMODO Account Management) on the download page (Free Firewall - Download the Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo)

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Hi, I have 2 noobie questions :

  1. The price tag for CIS Pro of 39.00 per year is in USD / GBP or EZ ? (Lack of currency info) :wink:

  2. The ComodoTrustConnectClient.exe downloaded link by eXPerience can be used by even non-Pro users ? (I can download the exe file) >:-D

Thanks. ;D

Yes it is 39$ which is some bargain I think.

You can install Trust Connect but you will not be able to use it without a user account which would not be activated unless you buy the Pro version, or take the 30 day trial, or pay for Trust Connect separately which would cost more anyway.

Yes it is 39$

Err … is it in USD ?


One more question regarding TrustConnect license is per PC or per user ? If the person have a PC and a laptop. Can he use it for both as long as they never conncet to internet at the same time ?

And one Question form me also, what happens when you reach the 10Gb?